At EX GOATS, we redefine success by turning crypto assets into unparalleled gains. Powered by a team of financial masters, we deploy sophisticated strategies across markets to secure your 4% to 5% daily profit. Join the league of the GOATs in finance — where your crypto doesn't just grow; it thrives.

welcome to exgoat

Welcome to EXGOAT LTD, where innovation meets investment to redefine the frontiers of financial growth. Based in the heart of the UK's financial ecosystem, we are a beacon of expertise in the volatile world of asset management. Founded by the visionary Antony Veron, EXGOAT LTD embarked on its journey with a singular mission: to transform the way individuals interact with and profit from the global markets.

Our Genesis

In the early days, Antony saw a gap in the investment world. Traditional platforms were rigid, complex, and often inaccessible to the everyday investor. With a rich background in finance and a forward-thinking mindset, Antony envisioned a platform that not only simplified investment but also amplified returns. Thus, EXGOAT LTD was born – a company committed to unlocking the potential of your assets through innovative strategies in the stock market, contracts, and trading.

Our Philosophy

At EXGOAT LTD, we believe in the power of expertise and innovation. Our team, a collective of financial masters from diverse backgrounds, is at the heart of our success. We are analysts, strategists, and visionaries, united by a shared commitment to your financial growth. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and sophisticated market analysis, we navigate the complexities of the global markets to secure safe, consistent profits for our clients.

Our Approach

Safety and innovation are the pillars of our approach. We understand the importance of trust in managing your investments. That's why we employ a multifaceted strategy, blending traditional wisdom with modern financial techniques to optimize your returns. From the stock market to bespoke contracts and agile trading methodologies, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to achieve unparalleled gains for our clients.


Choosing EXGOAT LTD means partnering with a team that prioritizes your financial well-being. Our promise is not just in the numbers — 4% to 5% daily profit — but in the journey to achieve them. We offer a transparent, accessible, and highly effective investment platform, backed by the expertise of financial veterans. Join the league of the GOATs in finance, where we don't just aim for growth; we strive for thriving.

In a world where the only constant is change, EXGOAT LTD stands as your steadfast partner in financial success. Let us navigate the complexities of the markets for you. With EXGOAT, your crypto doesn't just grow; it reaches new heights of prosperity.

Legal Info


70 Randalls Road, Leatherhead, England, KT22 0AD, United Kingdom

Registration No. 15555069
Incorporated on: 11 March 2024
SIC: 70221 Financial Management
Share Capital: GBP 5,000,000.00
CEO / Founder: Mr. Antony Veron
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